Traveling After the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus has hit this Country hard and the stay-at-home orders brought about another change in our lives by having to stay home. Vacations were put on hold for an unknown length of time while the Country struggled to get a grip on the epidemic.

I’m sure you are asking the question: When will the crisis be over? I’m getting cabin fever! I want to travel but I want to be safe while doing so.

The Country is starting to slowly re-open but it is important to understand that not everything will re-open at once. One of the things that we’ve learned is that the USA historically is very strong and recovers fairly quickly from crisis. As the summer approaches, people will be ready to travel and many will most likely focus on vacationing closer to home….here in the U.S.

Staying at home these last few months did you start thinking of all the places you haven’t been to or places you want to revisit?

As you consider your vacation options this year, most likely you will be thinking in terms of personal safety for you and your family. Do you fly? Do you drive? You may find yourself researching places that are easier to keep social distancing in place, at least for now. As you think of ways to get out of the house on a vacation, take a moment to consider an RV trip.

We at RV Adventure-USA, have been RVing for many years. RVing is an important part of our lives as it gives us the opportunity to travel and be in our own space at the same time with just our family.

Who knew that at some point this would be an important consideration when traveling – you share the same space with just you and your family. You don’t need public restrooms, there’s one in the RV, and you can eat in but still be out of the house – what a great way to be on vacation and maintain personal safety and social distance!

So now you’re thinking an RV trip might just be the right for you and your family. But where to go? Just so happens RV Adventure-USA has lots of ideas for you. Here are few:

National Parks – are you a national park fan? Many of the national parks will start to re-open in May. Consider parks where you take your RV, tow vehicle, or rental car to see the sites. Acadia, Arches, Bryce Canyon, Canyonland, Glacier, Grand Tetons, Great Smoky Mountains, Redwoods, Rocky Mountains, and Yellowstone to name just a few.

National Monuments – There are many National Monuments throughout the USA. These national monuments are filled with history, thoughtfully preserved, and shines a light on what has come before giving us a glimpse of our past. And yes, kids love visiting these sites too. Devil’s Tower, Mt. Rushmore, Little Bighorn Battlefield, Montezuma Castle, Canyon de Chelly, Craters of the Moon and so many more.

National Historical Parks – there are 57 national historical parks here in the US. What is the difference between a National Historical Park and a National Park? The difference between the two is pretty simple. A Site protects one historic place, while a Park protects an area that has several sites or buildings, or maybe even some natural features.

National Recreation Areas – While National Parks might be America’s most popular sites to visit, National Recreation Areas also provide great adventures. Visit these stunning natural places filled with hiking trails, campgrounds and everything you need to enjoy the outdoors. For fewer crowds and equal excitement, make this the year to visit some National Recreation Areas.


We are not experts by any means but from all we have read we believe you should know as much as you can before you begin any trip.

Renting an RV? Most RV rental companies are taking extra steps to disinfect their units. You may want to clean the unit yourself right away just to be extra cautious. If you were lucky and found some Lysol or other disinfectant product, spray or wipe down all surfaces that you believe you will touch while in your RV. The CDC recommends washing hands with soap and water so I would imagine this would work to clean the RV too.

Travel: We recommend knowing what restrictions, if any, are in place for the destination you wish to visit. Our experienced team researches the places you wish to visit and see what restrictions they currently are imposing so you and your family are prepared.

Many tour companies and concessionaires are still closed but we check to see what’s available for you. Also, we check to make sure the State you are driving through has opened up and allows interstate travel.

Social Distancing: Daily reports advise us to avoid crowded spaces and to stay at least 6 feet away from other people whenever possible. This would be a good rule to follow for a while. Should you find yourself in a line and can’t create a 6-foot space between yourself and others, try standing at an angle so you aren’t so close. Don’t touch any surfaces if you can help it, avoid leaning against walls or touching unknown objects. Wash hands often.

Back-up Plan: Have a back-up plan in case destinations and/or campgrounds are closed.

What if while you are staying at the campground, a fellow camper is diagnosed with COVID-19 and the campground is quarantined. Are you prepared to stay 14 days in one space? Something to think about.

We at RV Adventure want your vacation this year to be memorable, fun and most important – safe. Consider contacting us today to start planning your RV Adventure.