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RV trip planning can be a little intimidating if it’s your first time setting out on an RV adventure.  You are so excited so maybe you told your co-worker or neighbor about your plans, only to be told things like “RV-ing is only for retired people” or “RV-ing requires roughing it”, or similar statements.  Well, we are here to bust some common RV-ing myths, because as one of the most popular past times in the U.S., we are sure that you and your family will find the RV life fun and memorable.

You need a special license to drive an RV

A special license is not required to drive an RV in most states. Some states require a special license for RVs above a certain length, usually those longer than 40 or 45 feet, so be sure to check with your state’s DMV.

RVs are hard to drive

Not true, just takes some getting used to regardless of size.  Smaller ones are easier to navigate when driving around city streets, exploring coastal towns, or visiting busy areas, such as National Parks.  With any RV except for a Class B or tiny trailer, be sure to research height requirements for tunnels, bridges, and overpasses to ensure you will make it safely through.  If you use our Services, we offer RV friendly directions that will avoid these hazards.

Parking an RV is impossible

When RV trip planning, you may have heard that parking a large RV is difficult. While parking a large RV can be challenging and requires pre-planning, it’s not impossible.  Especially if you’re visiting National Parks, as most places inside the Parks accommodate tourist buses and RVs can park in those spaces too.  If you are visiting a big city, like Pittsburg or Boston, and would like to explore the sights, it’s best to plan where to park the RV before you go so you don’t spend your time driving around looking for a parking space.  Try to find surface parking lots (not garages) with spaces that you can pull through thus avoiding backing up.

RVs are only for long vacations

RVs are a great option when hitting the road, whether it’s for a week just to get out of town or 2 months taking an RV Road Trip across country.  The convenience of not having to stop to find a bathroom, being able to have access to the kitchen for snacks and drinks while in motion, and room to spread out are some of the main reasons so many people each year decide to vacation in an RV. 

RVing is not camping

RV trip planning doesn’t mean you are on the road constantly. Camping is all about enjoying the outdoors.  There are so many ways to enjoy being outside.  Take your family out to enjoy nearby activities such as hiking trails, wildlife viewing, fishing, or go on a tour.  Then return to the campground where you can sit outside by the fire, roasting hotdogs or marshmallows while enjoying the sounds of nature at the campground. There is no right or wrong way to go camping.

There’s too much to remember when hooking up / unhooking an RV

It can be intimidating at first thinking of setting up and breaking down camp with an RV – the first time is the hardest. When renting an RV, you will be shown how to hook up the water, electric and sewer hose (take a video if it will help you), watch You Tube videos before picking up the RV, and make a checklist.  If you are buying your first RV, you should be shown how to do this as well.  Making notes will help you, and I promise after you’ve done it once you’ll wonder what you were so worried about! 

Bigger RVs are better for families

While bigger may seem better, when it comes to RVs that isn’t always true.  You just need to find a floor plan that works for your family.  Some families prefer a large RV (35 foot or bigger) with bunk beds as they have several kids and none want to sleep in the same bed, or perhaps you are a family with a

few kids or perhaps even toddlers, and you feel a smaller RV (25-33 foot) would work better.  There is no right or wrong answer to the size you choose.  Also, consider cargo space for your suitcases, bbqs, camping chairs, etc.   Keep in mind, most campgrounds have a larger number of campsites for the small to mid-size RV.  If the larger RV is better choice for you, just try to plan ahead so that you can get  one of the larger RV sites at the campgrounds of your choice.

There’s a “better” type of RV

When RV trip planning, you have to decide on what type of RV you will use. There are a lot of RV options available because there are a lot of different type of campers.  Travel trailers and 5th wheels are great options, as is towing a vehicle, if you want a vehicle to run around town and see the sights.  Class A and Class C options are perfect for larger families because both can offer lots of sleeping options including bunk beds.  Class B’s and small trailers are great for couples that don’t want a larger floorplan.  It doesn’t matter which type of RV you purchase or rent as long as it works for you and your family.

You can only cook basic meals in an RV

You have lots of options for cooking while camping; many RVs come with microwaves and ovens.  There are some great recipes that can be cooked over a campfire, or crockpot meals in addition to grilling.  While you won’t have as much prep space as you probably do at home, it is still possible to have a delicious  meal while RVing. 

RVs don’t have enough storage

So this one is a little bit true, but only because we are all used to so much storage at home, in the garage, etc.  As a renter, there shouldn’t be anything in the cargo underneath the RV, so it’s a perfect place to store suitcases.  One important thing to keep in mind is the size of the kitchen.   For a family of 4 it will only hold maybe 5 days worth of food.  The cabinet space is limited and the fridge will be about half of what you’re used to, the freezer even smaller.  If you are going to be gone for an extended period of time, I would absolutely plan to re-stock your kitchen every 4-5 days, especially if you eat every meal in the RV.

The wonderful world of RV camping is a great and memorable experience for the whole family.  Hopefully we have set the record straight for you with the above busted myths.  One of the great things about RV travel is freedom, so go find that perfect RV, and feel free to camp around the country!  As always, RV Adventure-USA is here to plan the perfect trip for you, we are just a phone call or email away!