RV Trip Planner: Destination…Arizona!

by | Jan 15, 2024 | RV Trip Planner

One of our all-time favorite RV trip planner destination is Arizona. Best known as the Grand Canyon state is a popular destination and not just because of its weather. Visitors flock to the Grand Canyon National Park, Sedona, Tucson, Phoenix and the White Mountains as well as the famous road known as Route 66. These destinations never stop attracting visitors to all the places this state is well-known for.

With over 500 RV campgrounds in Arizona with locations in national and state parks, forests, wilderness areas, deserts lakes and cities, you’ll find a RV park that’s just right for you.

Here are a few of our favorite places in Arizona to visit:

Grand Canyon National Park

Is the most recognized Seven Wonders of the World, millions of people visit annually and enjoy the sunrise and sunset on the South Rim.

It is one of the few national parks that is “dog friendly” – take your pet anywhere in this national park with the only exception being any activity below the canyon rim. This leaves a lot of great opportunities for you and your pet to enjoy time together.

Ride a bike, take a hike, attend a ranger program, kids can become a Junior Ranger, watch the stars – take time to ooh and ahh at natures magnificence.

One of the most enjoyable things to do at the canyon is also one of the simplest: Find a quiet place on the rim or off a trail and just sit for an hour or so. Feel the air rise, watch the shadows and light play across the monuments, and listen to the timeless hush. No matter how fast you drive or how far you walk, no matter how many photos you take or angles you see the canyon from, you’ll never “do” the canyon. So relax and enjoy it.


Phoenix is the capital city of Arizona and known by the locals as the “Valley of the Sun”. With its year-round sun, desert beauty and world-class resorts, did you also know it is the 5th largest city in the U.S.?

Enjoy baseball team spring training, innovative restaurateurs that hone their culinary creations in Phoenix, craft breweries, museums, botanical gardens as well as unusual attractions and off-the beaten-path attractions as well. Try a hot-air balloon ride to get an amazing view of the Sonora Desert.


No RV trip planner destination of Arizona would be complete without a trip to Sedona. Start with scenery that makes your heart leap. Sedona nestles among a geological wonderland. Multi-hued stone formations jut upwards from the high desert floor creating a vivid, mesmerizing setting that changes hourly with the light. Surrounded by 1.8 million acres of national forest land, visitors have instant access to recreational activities. Trails for hiking and biking, along with bouncy jeep tracks, weave among the bristling forest of pinnacles, spires, buttes and domes. Yet, you’re never far from the indulgences of town. Sedona – a small town blessed with an abundance of scenic beauty. Come experience it for yourself.

Take a jeep tour, go horseback riding, rafting, wine tours, take a train ride, hiking and biking trails abound here.

Dead Horse State Park

Dead Horse State Park is best known for trails, horseback riding, wildlife viewing and a small zipline. The oddly named Dead Horse Ranch State Park in Cottonwood (just south of Sedona) may be the most unusual state park in Arizona. The Verde River winds through the park offering opportunities to kayak, canoe, fish, and even swim.

Out of Africa Wildlife Park,another short drive from Sedona, is a theme park featuring over 400 wild animals and ziplining!!

Then take a self-guided scenic tour to Montezuma Castle, Tuzigoot National Monument, Red Rock State Park and Slide Rock State Park. Make a day of it!!

Page/Lake Powell

In northern Arizona, visit Page/Lake Powell, a watersports playground. Your mecca for hiking, biking, boating and off-road adventure. Hike the striking wind and water carved beauty of Antelope Canyon. Set out on a Colorado River rafting excursion. Take in the dramatic vistas of Lake Powell and Glen Canyon Dam. Horseshoe Bend is one of the southwest’s “small wonders” near the beginning of the Grand Canyon National Park.

Petrified Forest National Park

This national park is a hidden gem. Located off I-40 it is a “driving national park” and RVs of all sizes are able to drive through this Park.

The Park may have less dramatic landscapes than its national park siblings like Zion or Grand Teton, the scenery here is absolutely stunning, with colorful badlands and rolling hills. Additionally, the fascinating geology of petrified wood to the history of the Pueblo people, make it one of the most unique national parks you will ever visit.


That name means many things to many people. It creates images of gunfights and dusty streets, whiskey and bars, Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday and an abundance of old western movie scenes. But what many folks don’t realize is that Tombstone is a real town with real inhabitants who have lived here throughout its history and still do today. That is part of the reason Tombstone has been called “The Town Too Tough to Die”.

If you haven’t been to Tombstone, imagine walking the very same streets of Doc Holliday, Wyatt Earp, Johnny Ringo, Ike Clanton and many other Western Legends.


Bisbee, a picturesque and authentic mining town located in the southeast corner of Arizona, just 5 miles from the Mexican border. This former copper mining town built into the sides of two intersecting canyons has maintained its authentic Western quirk. Businesses line the canyon floors while homes are built into the canyon sides.

Take an underground mine tour taking you underground and back in time. The town is still home to the nation’s (arguably) oldest ballfield (Warren Ballpark), and was the site of Arizona’s first golf course (Turquoise Valley, now an RV park).

Take time to walk downtown – it looks like it is straight out of a storybook. The tiny town of just under 5,000 people is well worth a visit.

Canyon de Chelly

Located on the eastern side of Arizona and for nearly 5,000 years, people have lived in these canyons. See pueblo ruins built between 350 and 1300 A.D. Visit the Navajo Indian community that still inhabits the canyon floor raising livestock and farming the lands in the canyon.

There are 10 overlooks on the South and North Rim Drive, hike the White House Trail or take a guided tour to see the best of this destination. Join a ranger led hike, take a guided tour to see Antelope House Ruin in Canyon Del Muerto, the White house ruin in Canyon de Chelly and several caves and ruins.

Ready to make Arizona your next RV trip planner destination? Check out our website on how we can help you plan a great trip to Arizona.