Planning a Trip With Pets: Renee’s Story

“We selected RV Adventure after a lot of internet searching,” said Mike. “Although, they were one of the first “hits” we wanted to make sure we were making an informed decision. Renee and I were both novices with regard to taking an RV trip. So, it was reassuring that we found someone who had the experience and willingness to help out.”

​“With RV Adventures we hoped they would take care of the route, campground reservations, and some side trips. We were not disappointed with the results and were pleased with the pace and route selection.”

​They had 11 days and the one requirement they had was that the campgrounds could accommodate their three dogs, Koko, Xena, and Luna. This made planning the trip required RV Adventure USA to carefully research the route.

​“We had to look for campgrounds that would accept more than 2 dogs,” said Kim. “They wanted sites with shade and off by themselves if possible. Because their dogs were small and not considered aggressive, it wasn’t as hard to find campgrounds as we had thought it might be.”

​“Mike had mentioned they wanted activities that the dogs could go with them so it took a bit of work to find places that would allow dogs. We actually found some hiking areas that wouldn’t allow dogs, we were surprised. We also looked for areas while traveling from one site to another for places that would allow the dogs to get out and run around if possible. We also found restaurants in many locations that allowed dogs on the outside patios.”

They came up with two itineraries from which Mike and Renee could choose from.

​“Because we don’t know what we didn’t know, we chose the more comprehensive package. It was very comforting to have a destination already reserved and waiting. This was a big factor on taking an RV trip. In addition, having most of the campsites reserved and prepaid made it more convenient when we ran a little behind schedule.”

​“Renee and I made only one alteration on the trip. We removed our last stop over so we could have more time to unpack the rental RV at our new home. This was a decision we made on the road. It was reassuring when Kim emailed us to confirm our change of plans. That was a great feeling to know we were being looked after!

​The trip turned out even better than they hoped despite his being new to driving an RV.

​“It was more fun than I expected driving the 28’ RV (even when I got myself in a little trouble from time to time). The stops we made at several sites that we would have passed up otherwise. Every stop from the giant pop bottle on Route 66, Fort Smith, Lindsborg, Graceland, and to the beaches in Florida it was a lot of fun. There are a lot of really friendly and helpful people out there. It renewed my faith in humanity.”

​They’ve already told some of their friends about RV Adventure USA.

​“It was a great experience! No doubt I would recommend their services. In fact, we did recommend them to several people we met along the way. It was heartening to tell people about a service out there that they didn’t know existed. At first, I was concerned about the package costs until I thought about how much it cost to “fix” a broken itinerary. RV Adventure’s product was worth it, twice over! I wouldn’t take another trip without them – Well done Kim and Norm!”