Natalie’s Story

“We wanted to take an RV trip and I started to plan it all myself,” said Natalie, “but it was a little overwhelming. I found RV Adventure-USA on Google when I looked for an RV trip planning company. We started out by telling them where we wanted to go, how many days we had, the ages of my kids, and some of the things we were interested in doing for little trips as well as entertainment type things during the trip.”

​RV Adventure-USA quickly got to work on finding Natalie an RV to rent that would suit her needs. Natalie was provided with several options from various companies, shown different layouts and types of RVs available. Then, working together with Natalie, RV Adventure-USA developed a trip that met all her requests. The itinerary didn’t just include the places they wanted to see, but also detailed descriptions of the campgrounds and directions that are carefully planned out to be the safest for RVs.

​With an RV, parking can be an issue. RV Adventure-USA gave Natalie some places that would accommodate them.

​“They provided specific directions to each place. They told us if you use MapQuest, you could be taken on a route that will take longer or isn’t RV friendly or you could even end up at a different location than where you wanted to be. That was really helpful. They were very accurate on how long it would take us to get to our destination, where we should park when we went into town or to sightsee, little things that we wouldn’t have thought of. For example, when we were in Santa Barbara they told us where we could go and walk around, but also because of the size of the RV where we could find parking They let us know if a campground required us to check in by a certain time and what to do if we arrived after hours. Little details that I might not have been able to find out on my own, or would have taken me a long time to find.”

​Natalie admits she’s glad she found RV Adventure-USA, “They were great. I’ve recommended them to other people. I started out with a general plan of what we wanted to do. Then they took my general plan and came up with an outline. They told me we could play with it and add another day here or take a day away from there, so we changed and modified it to come up with something the whole family would enjoy. It was a two week trip that everyone enjoyed.”

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