Camping Inside the National Parks

Perhaps you are new to RVing. Maybe you are a seasoned RVer. Whichever applies to you, the question may arise – “where do we camp in a National Park?”

You might be surprised how many calls we get that “our trip is coming up and we can’t get a site inside the national park– what do we do, can you help?” National Park campgrounds fill up quickly, many are first-come first-served, and offer limited hook-ups. There are many campgrounds within a few miles of the National Park that offer reservations and hook-ups. RV Adventure-USA has personal knowledge of these campgrounds and we can help you create a wonderful trip.

Camping Inside the National Park – This method is often met with campgrounds that have no hookups, and offer a “first come, first served” basis only. There are exceptions to this rule, but they are few. The benefit to camping this way is that you are already inside the Park, saving time in line to enter.

Camping Outside the National Park – This method offers plentiful options. From small family run campgrounds to big, luxurious resorts. Depending on where you are, you may have lots of options. What to look for first? It’s always easier to be closest to the entrance. Especially if you like to walk, then you can avoid the long lines of cars during the busy seasons. Second, hookup needs. Do you need water, electric and sewer? This may not be available inside the National Park, so you’ll have to decide which is more important to you.

The busy season – May to September are prime time at the National Parks. Expect long lines to enter the park and to board the shuttle, as well as lots of crowds. When it comes to campgrounds, we always recommend giving as much notice as possible, a year in some cases is necessary. If you wait a month or so before you want to arrive, you may not be able to get a campground close to the entrance. Many neighboring towns offer campgrounds, but these can be thirty minutes to an hour away from the entrance.

Give us a call (or email) and we will be glad to help you plan your trip and identify the appropriate campgrounds.